Upper School Cognition and Learning Groups

Upper School Congition and Learning Groups

In upper school we now have groups that take place each morning (Monday- Thursday). In these groups, the children are taught Maths and English with peers of a similar ability. This has enabled us to really challenge all the children at their own individual level. We have already seen a rise in the progress the children have made since starting the groups in September and the children’s confidence with problem-solving is coming on leaps and bounds! The children also have opportunities to develop friendships with children from other classes in Key Stage 2.


Sunflowers - Libby Fitton

Poppies Group- Danielle Alty & Connor Moffatt

Roses - Alex Jardine

On the Groups pages will be a breakdown of what your child will be learning in Maths and English over the next half term. If you are unsure which group your child is in or would like any more information please contact school and ask to speak to Danielle.

Thank you,

Danielle Alty- Assistant Headteacher KS2


Welcome to the Sunflowers page!

As we build up to Christmas, we have a lot of fun tasks to complete. In English, we are learning about biographies and autobiographies. Due to his passion for helping children and for his exciting footballing career, we have decided to read Marcus Rashford’s, You Are a Champion. After learning all about Marcus and his personal life, we will interview someone close to us to gather information so we can write our very own biography.

In maths, we will be learning all about sequencing and sorting, fractions, time, money and capacity and volume. We will also continue to focus on number and place value throughout the term.

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Welcome back to the Poppies Page!


What a half term our last one of 2023 was! We loved all the Christmas celebrations, singing, dancing and a Santa visit. It seems such a distant memory now!


The children were fantastic during English and acted out the twisted tale Little Rude Riding Hood. A favourite part was blowing raspberries at the wolf! The children came up with some fantastic descriptive pieces for both the settings and the characters.


In Maths we had great fun with statistics, using a scooter board and being human hungry hippos we collected as many different balls as we could in 3 scoops and then presented the data in tally charts and pictograms.

This half term we are reading ‘We’re going on a Monster Hunt’. We will then create our own monsters including some of the descriptive features we learnt last half term. We will move on to writing our own diary entries in the role of a chosen character. Looking at past and present tenses as well as what information we ned to include in a diary.


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Welcome back to the Sunflowers page, and Happy New Year!

Our focus in English is Imaginary Worlds which will see us plan a story using our wonderful imagination. We will be reading the story ‘There’s a Tiger in my Garden’ by Lizzy Stewart. This will give us hints and ideas so we are able to plan our stories. We will also retell and sequence familiar stories we have been reading.

In maths, we will be learning all about mass and weight, counting money, recognising 2D and 3D shapes, and multiplication and division. We will also continue to focus on number and place value throughout the term.

Please come back to see our imaginative stories!

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The Georgia Fourie Butterfly Fund was set up in 2009, in conjunction with her parents, in memory of a very special pupil who sadly passed away after many years of bad health.