Physical Wellbeing Team


We are the wellbeing team in school. We work closely with the school nursing team, Physiotherapist’s, Occupational Therapists and organise wheelchair clinics in school.

We work with the pupils in the hydrotherapy pool, sensory processing room and the rebound therapy room. We also deliver motor development groups and physio / movement groups. We work with pupils on a 1:1 basis to support them in achieving their physio targets set by the physiotherapist. We are also doing a lot of work supporting our pupils accessing sensory processing programmes. We are currently being supported in school by Julia Dyer, an Occupational Therapist with a wealth of knowledge and understanding in sensory processing. She has advised us on how to set up sensory circuits in our purpose built sensory processing room and we are now working closely with her to ensure all lessons at Holly Grove incorporate elements of sensory processing throughout the day. This enables our children to access learning more effectively.

Joanne Morris 

Sensory Processing

Sensory Processing is a term which describes the difficulties some of our children experience with processing information from the brain to the senses.

Children can be under or over sensitive to sensory input, or swing from one extreme to the other. At Holly Grove we provide a range of activities to support our children who experience sensory overload or who are under stimulated. These include focused sessions linked to music and physical development sessions, i.e. riding a bike, combat crawling, scooter boards, swings, trampette, circuit training etc. These activities help to regulate the brain and reduce the sensory overload to enable these children to access the curriculum again.

We now have a purpose built sensory processing room for all our pupils to access but in addition to this we are working closely with Julia Dyer an Occupational Therapist with a wealth of experience in sensory processing. She is helping us to ensure that all lessons at Holly Grove incorporate elements of sensory processing to support our children to access learning more effectively.

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We have a wonderful warm purpose built hydrotherapy pool for our pupils providing relaxing surroundings where essential physiotherapy can be carried out in a safe and enjoyable environment. The water is kept at a temperature that allows pupils who are very limited in their movement potential to remain warm and comfortable, whilst providing the optimum temperature for the stretching of muscles.

There is also a light and sound system that really enhances our sessions from our quiet physiotherapy sessions to our more lively exercise classes. The hydrotherapy pool provides opportunities for all pupils who need hydrotherapy to have their needs met on a regular basis, contributing greatly to their health, education and wellbeing.

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Rebound Therapy

Rebound Therapy is the therapeutic use of the trampoline and has been used in special needs education since the 1970s.  At Holly Grove we have our own purpose built rebound therapy room.  Children who attend these sessions have a range of disabilities and health needs.  In addition to providing a physical therapy, rebound therapy provides the opportunity to enjoy movement and interaction while having great fun!!

Benefits of Rebound Therapy:

  • Strengthening of limbs
  • Communication
  • Coordination
  • Independence
  • Self-confidence
  • Balance
  • Eye Contact
  • Sense of achievement
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The Move programme is a philosophy, a way of life for disabled children and children with complex needs, providing the personalised care and support they need to gain functional mobility and increased independence.

Put simple, the Move programme is a practice put in place so disabled children are supported to gain the physical and communication skills they need in order to:

  • SIT to eat, participate in activities, education and eventual employment.
  • STAND to increase strength, mobility and flexibility.
  • WALK to participate in play or complete tasks, with and without support.
  • TRANSITION from bed to chair or sitting or standing.

At Holly Grove we like to get out of our chairs as much as possible and Move help us to access our activities in different positions throughout the day. Our physio programmes are now tied into the Move programme.

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