Meet the School Council

The School Council Members are:

The Chair Persons:
Waylon – Head Boy
Maleeha – Head Girl

Secretary  – Curtis – Deputy Head Boy

Treasurer – Adam – Deputy Head Boy

Other Members:



The School Council meet once a month in school. The Head Boy and Head Girl take it in turns to chair the meetings. One of the functions of the Council is to organise and lead the many fundraising events that take place each year – such as the Rosemere Coffee morning, Children in Need, Comic Relief, Sports Relief, Reverse Advent Calendar for Spacious Place and National Autism Awareness Day. The Council always leads these events with much enthusiasm and have proved to be very successful fund raisers – we recently raised £280 for Children in Need!

The School Council also supports the Eco-Committee who have earned the Bronze and Silver Awards over the last previous school year. This has involved such things as: checking that everyone in school turns the light off when they leave rooms, switching off computers that are not being used and putting litter in the bin. Now we are going for Green Flag Status – the top award, we hope to achieve this during next summer term.

The other function of the School Council is to bring the ideas and concerns of the pupils in each class to the attention of the Council. The School Council discusses them and decides what can be done to help – one year pupils asked for more play equipment in the playground, the School Council took this request to the Head Teacher who managed to bid for some money to pay for new bikes and even swings and a climbing frame. The school council have also helped to improve school dinners. The school council are voted in by pupils and staff.