Libby’s Class

Summer Term 1


Hello and welcome back to Libby’s Class!


This term our topic is ‘Journey’s’. We will be going on a journey with Aladdin and his magic carpet in English! We will be focusing on the characters in Aladdin and using adjectives and nouns to write simple sentences about Aladdin. We will also be going on a journey in Geography with Aladdin to Arabia! We will learn about landmarks in Arabia, where it is on the globe and make our own map.

In Maths, we will be focusing on money, learning and recapping all the different coins and notes and exchanging coins. In our statistics lessons, we will be learning about tally charts, pictograms and bar chats and interpreting the information. We will also look at number counting, number recognition and distance.

In Art, we will be learning all about the famous Kandinsky. We will learn all about the tint, shading and exploring colours and creating our own piece of art. The children are VERY creative in Libby’s Class.

The children are continuing to make all the staff proud in Libby’s Class and we are extremely proud of all the progress they are making.


Come back soon!

Libby’s Class

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