Julie’s Class

Our theme this term is learning all about Ourselves. We will be looking at similarities and differences in how we all look. We will look at the colour of our eyes and hair, how tall we are and what we all like and dislike.

In Science we will look at different body parts in humans and animals and how they can move and help us to do different things. We will also be looking at the different bones that make our skeleton.

In Geography we will be looking at where we live and comparing the difference between cities and the countryside.

In English we will be listening to stories and poems all about Ourselves and how we are all different.

In Maths we are going to work on our number formation and recognition and what happens if we add and take away objects from a set of objects. We will also be looking at shapes, their names and how many sides they have.

In PE we will be practising throwing and catching and playing games with our friends.


We are looking forward to getting to know each other this term and we are very excited to be back in school!

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