Julie’s Class

Julie’s class Summer Term 2 – Read All About it


This term in English we are going to be looking at our favourite books. Each week we will look at a different book and the Author who wrote it. We are asking for class members to bring in their favourite book so we can read it to the rest of class. We will be completing book reviews on each book.

In Design and Technology we will be making our own books deciding on the content and the design.

In Mathematics we will be continuing to look at place value, measurements and using mathematical vocabulary such as longer/shorter, taller/shorter, heavy/light etc.

In History we will be exploring what life was like for Victorian children, where they lived and what life in the mills was like for them. We will be comparing their lives with how we live today.

In Science we are going to be doing lots of different experiments and recording our findings.

We are looking forward to our last term in class Julie!

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