Julie’s Class


Julie’s Class – Forgotten Worlds Spring 2 2023

In Science this term we will be looking at Living Things and their habitats.

In History we are going to be finding out about the Ancient Greeks, exploring who they were, looking at stories told on clay pots and the clothes they wore.

In English we will be listening to stories and practising our phonics and writing skills in our groups

In Maths we will be working on individual Maths skills in our groups.

In Art and Design and Technology we will be looking at making dinosaur models from a variety of materials and using different art tools.

In Music we will be learning how we can play instruments fast/slow and loud and quiet.

In Food Technology we are going to taste test different breads and  different sandwich fillings to make a Dinosaur shaped sandwich.


This is just an example of some of the exciting things we will be doing this term.


  • IMG_8410
  • IMG_8358
  • IMG_4832
  • IMG_4807
  • IMG_4790
  • IMG_4776
  • IMG_4758
  • IMG_4744
  • IMG_4695
  • IMG_4651
  • IMG_4640
  • IMG_4617
  • IMG_4606
  • IMG_4604
  • IMG_4583
  • IMG_4582
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  • IMG_4433