Julie’s Class

Julie’s Class – Is There Anybody Out There?

Our theme this term is learning all about Space and The Solar System.

In Science we will be looking at the Sun and how hot it is then we will look at the eight planets and where they are in the Solar system in relation to the Sun. We will look at if they are a hot or cold planet and what the surface of the planet is like. Is it dusty, wet, bumpy with craters or smooth?

In History we will be looking at who the Vikings were and where did they come from? We will look at how they dressed, what the villages they set up were like and how they raided English towns and villages especially Wessex.

In English we will be listening to stories and practising our phonics and writing skills in our groups

In Maths we will be working on individual Maths skills in our groups.

In Art we will be using our painting, collaging, printing and drawing skills to create pictures of the different planets we have learnt about each week.


This is just an example of some of the exciting things we will be doing this term.

  • IMG_8410
  • IMG_8358
  • IMG_4832
  • IMG_4807
  • IMG_4790
  • IMG_4776
  • IMG_4758
  • IMG_4744
  • IMG_4695
  • IMG_4651
  • IMG_4640
  • IMG_4617
  • IMG_4606
  • IMG_4604
  • IMG_4583
  • IMG_4582
  • IMG_4568
  • IMG_4567
  • IMG_4433