Jack’s Class

Spring Term 2


This term our topic is focused around ‘That’s Entertainment’ and includes the following subjects-

English: Personal Writing- Blogs and Vlogs ‘Blogging’ and ‘Vlogging’ are a very popular hobby, and even a career for many people, so teaching students the skills needed for this can be really helpful. In this topic we will be looking at showcasing our hobbies/talents in a blog/vlog style. Newsround: Newsround will continue on Monday. Newsround reports help to work on children’s attention and listening skills. Newsround also focusses on independent writing and sentence structure. 

Science: Properties and changes of materials: This ‘Properties and Changes of Materials’ unit will teach the children about different materials, their uses and their properties, as well as reversible and irreversible changes. The children will sort and classify objects according to their properties. They will explore the properties of materials to find the most suitable material for different purposes.

Food Tech: Creating a cooking show this term we will be recording our own cookery shows. In the beginning we will start off with simple everyday meals e.g. cereal and toast, but as the term goes on we will be making different/more challenging dishes that require more complex skills.

PSHE: Health and Wellbeing. This topic is an introduction to how we grow and change, both physically and emotionally. Children will learn about their own and others’ bodies, gender stereotypes and different types of families. They will also learn about respecting their own and others’ bodies, keeping their bodies safe and sharing their feelings in response to life experiences.

Art: This term the children will be introduced to one of the most iconic artist’s/ art movements of all time: ‘Andy Warhol and the Pop Art Movement’. We will be using a variety or ‘printing techniques’ to create ‘Pop Art’ style pieces of art on a BIG scale? Just like Andy Warhol did.

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