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We have been working really hard since September!

We loved learning about what happened to food once we put it into our mouth and could create a model of the digestive system.

We held a `Be Kind` day to remind all our children of how important it is to be kind at home as well as at school. We spoke about our friends in class and what we liked about them and talked about how we can be kind to each other.

We have been creating compositions in Music and used a high pitch to create a lullaby to help send babies to sleep. The children were amazing at playing their own compositions on the Glockenspiel`s. Alongside this we have been working with Burnley Youth Theatre and have created a show for our parents and carers about Space. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Christmas is coming up fast and we will be starting our new topic Special Celebrations. We will be looking at writing letters not only to Santa but to our local residential homes to ensure they have a lovely Christmas.

In History, we will be looking at if and how the Tudors celebrated Christmas and the similarities and differences a Tudor Christmas and how we celebrate today.

Come back soon to see some festive photos!

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