Connor’s Class

Summer Term 1
Summer is finally here and the warm sun is giving us positive vibes. Our theme for this term is “An Island Paradise”. We will explore North and South America which will underpin our curriculum. In English, we will develop our understanding of film narrative. There could only be one film to choose… We don’t talk about Brunonono! Encanto will be our inspiration to improve our descriptive language and creative writing.
In Art, we will investigate the thought provoking work of Banksy and create our own sketches.

In Science the force will be with us through gravity, air resistance and friction. We will be looking to develop our critical thinking and ensure we set a fair test to get trustworthy results.

In PE we will continue to work on mastering fundamental movement skills through athletics in preparation for Sports Day.

Look out for our work on the school Facebook page and pictures on the website!