Connor’s Class

Autumn Term 2

Welcome to Connor’s Class,

Firstly, I would like to say how proud I am of all our children! They have all settled brilliantly into the class routine and made great relationships with stadd and their new peers. Thank you also to all parents/guardians who have been so supportive and patient!

This term we are developing our creative minds as we look into a mini enterprise. We are going to design a range of healthy snacks that entice the taste buds and boost our positive wellbeing.

In English we will work on our debating skills. We may look to convince Karen of our new ideas! Please watch out as we may become a little bit too good and push for later bed times.

In History, we will be learning about Winston Churchill and his contribution to WW1. This will include a visit from the man himself (Connor in a costume, don’t panic).

Please come back to see our pictures!

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