Samantha’s Class

Samantha’s Class – Summer Term 1 2022

Hello again everyone,

We are so excited to be starting a new term and hopefully it becoming much warmer and sunnier.

This term our topic is ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’, we will be looking at all things gardens including the mini beasts that may live there to the beautiful plants and flowers that grow there. Our class book this term is ‘Super Worm’ and we will also be looking at other books that link to all the creepy crawlies such as ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell’.

We hope you enjoy the photos of our year so far and please keep checking back for more photographs of us and our hard work in Class!

Thank you for being so supportive throughout the year and working hard with us to keep everyone happy and safe!

Samantha and the class team x

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