Art Gallery

Welcome to our online Art Gallery!

Holly Grove School is proud to announce we have gained the Gold ArtsMark.  Over these last 12 months we have been encouraging our pupils and staff to have a go at trying new arts, crafts, music and drama – and hopefully soon we can invite our parents to have a go! Our online gallery is the first step in showing the world what fantastic visual arts our pupils can achieve! Please show your appreciation of Holly Grove School’s Creative Arts!

Aisling’s Class

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  • IMG_1241
  • IMG_1240
  • IMG_1239
  • IMG_1238
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Samantha’s Class

This term in Art we have been looking at printing and the different shapes and patterns we can make. To link in with our Autumn topic, we used conkers and pinecones and bright autumnal coloured paints to print an amazing Autumn picture!

  • IMG_6650
  • IMG_6651
  • IMG_6652
  • IMG_6653
  • IMG_6654
  • IMG_6655
  • IMG_6656
  • IMG_6657
  • IMG_6658

Laura’s Class


Gingerbread People

In Laura’s Class, we have been practising printing with a range of objects including our fingers, hands, feet and sponges. Our printed Gingerbread people are extra special as we mixed ginger powder into the paint and sprinkled a little more powder on top. Our pictures for the gallery smell delicious!


  • IMG_3346
  • IMG_3345
  • IMG_3344
  • IMG_3343
  • IMG_3342
  • IMG_3341
  • IMG_3340
  • IMG_3339
  • IMG_3338
  • IMG_3337

Courtney’s Class

Fire work printed portraits.

In Courtney’s Class, we have been practising printing with a range media including straws and toilet roll tubes. Children used fanned out straws and tubes dipped in fluorescent paint of their choosing to create these fiery vibrant prints on to black card.

How great do they look?!

Libby’s Class

  • IMG_8514[1]
  • IMG_8511[1]
  • IMG_8512[1]
  • IMG_8513[1]

Rebecca’s Class

This term our topic has been ‘Wonderful Woodlands.’ We have been exploring different woodland animals and their habitats. Wev have created some wonderful art pictures of various woodland animals that we have been learning about.

  • IMG_6757
  • IMG_6756
  • IMG_6755
  • IMG_6754
  • IMG_6753
  • IMG_6760

Julie’s Class

  • IMG_4004
  • IMG_4006
  • IMG_4007 (1)
  • IMG_4010
  • IMG_4009
  • IMG_4008

Alex’s Class



Coming Soon

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  • IMG_4834
  • IMG_4833
  • IMG_4832
  • IMG_4831
  • IMG_4830
  • IMG_4829
  • IMG_4828
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  • IMG_4826
  • IMG_4825

Connor’s Class


  • 0005720_coming-soon-page_550

Danielle’s Class

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  • IMG_0449
  • IMG_0448
  • IMG_0447
  • IMG_0446
  • IMG_0445