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Welcome to our online Art Gallery!

Holly Grove School is proud to announce we are now in the second year towards gaining our Artsmark.  Over the final 12 months we will be encouraging our pupils and staff to have a go at trying new arts, crafts, music and drama – and when the pandemic is under control I will hopefully invite our parents to have a go! Our online gallery is the first step in showing the world what fantastic visual arts our pupils can achieve! Please show your appreciation of Holly Grove School’s Creative Arts!


Alison Redmond Creative Arts Leader

Aisling’s Class

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Samantha’s Class

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Laura’s Class

Neil Armstrong meets Kandinski.

In Laura’s Class, we have been decorating paper plates to represent the moon as we have been learning all about Neil Armstrong. We have also been learning about Kandinski circles so used our new circle making skills to represent craters on our moons. We have also been learning about animal adaptation across the 7 Continents in Science / Geography and loved painting our own hands to make handprint animals for each continent that we visited. Can you guess what animals the handprints represent?

  • IMG_5868
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Libby’s Class

Rebecca’s Class

In Rebecca’s Class this term we have been looking at the famous Manchester artist ‘LS Lowery.’ We have enjoyed learning about his life and his paintings. We have created some of his most famous pieces such ‘Man Lying on a Wall,’ ‘A Portrait of Ann’ and ‘Industrial Landscape.’

  • IMG_3693
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Danielle’s Class

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Julie’s Class

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Connor’s Class


  • 0005720_coming-soon-page_550

Alison’s Class

Our pictures displayed show some of the amazing work we have been doing over the spring and summer term in our topics of Australia, Springtime and Farmyard Capers.

  • IMG_4833
  • IMG_4832
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Jack’s Class


In Jack’s class this term we have been learning all about the artist Banksy. We have seen different examples of his art and learnt that it is graffiti, which is considered vandalism and against the law if you do not have permission.

He started his career by spraying his art on walls freehand and then later used stencils as it was much quicker so he didn’t get caught.

His work often has a political meaning behind it and that he remains annonymous.

During jubilee week Jack’s class made their own versions of Banksy using his stencil technique and created some great art work to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.


  • IMG_4835
  • IMG_4834
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