Aisling’s Class

Autumn 2

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to look at all our hard work we do in Aisling’s class. We wish you all a very warm welcome and hope you enjoy seeing all of the exciting things we get up to in reception.

We have really enjoyed out latest topic ‘Habitat Hunters’. In this topic we explored all things nature and outdoors to do with Autumn, including what kind of homes and habitats animals in woodland areas live. We really enjoyed our class book for this topic which was the ‘Leaf man’ by Lois Elhert. We explored all things Autumn and Woodlands whilst celebrating other autumn festivals such as Harvest, Halloween, Diwali and Bonfire night. We closely observed the changes of seasons through our observations and exploration outside, leaf hunts around school and collecting other autumn objects such as fir cones and conkers to explore and investigate.

We are fast approaching the end of this topic and Christmas is just around the corner. We will then be onto our new topic ‘Special Celebrations’ and busy preparing for Christmas. We are really looking forward to trimming the classroom. This is such a wonderful time of the year where we look at different cultures and celebrations and start preparing for Christmas. We have lots of activities planned such as our Christmas visit to the space centre, participating and performing our nativity, a visit from father Christmas and our Christmas party.

Keep an eye out for updates!!! We cannot wait to share all the fun things we get up to with you.

From Aisling and the class team


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