Aisling’s Class

Autumn Term 2 in

Hi everyone, welcome to Aisling’s Class.

During Autumn Term 1 our topic was ‘All about me’. We loved learning all about our senses and discovering our likes and dislikes through exploration.

All the new reception children have had an amazing first term and done exceptionally well at settling into school life and responding well to the structure and routine. As a class we have been learning our class rules and setting new targets. We have done lots of PSHE building relationships with our key workers and friends, lots of physical activities including wake and shakes, Physio, MOVE and Sensory Processing to help us prepare for learning and our teachers set new challenging targets.

During Autumn Term 2 we are starting our new topic ‘Autumn’ and then for the last three weeks we will be focusing on ‘Special Celebrations’. During our Autumn topic, we will do lots of activities around out story ‘Leaf man. Some of the children have been out with their families over the half term and been on an autumn walk collecting autumn objects and then bring them into school. Please take a look at our lovely photos from this first half term.

‘Autumn’– We will be introducing ‘The Leaf Man’ where we will be concentrating on communication and our voice through various methods such as PECS, intensive interaction and exploring objects.

‘Special Celebrations’ – This will include singing ‘The Christmas Alphabet song by Singing Hands’ and reading ‘The Christmas Jolly Postman’, making cards and decorations in preparation for Christmas and the Christmas fair.

We have started practicing our Christmas Nativity and it is called ‘we are going on a Bear Hunt’. The performance will be 9th December 2022.

These topics will take us up to the Christmas holidays, which leads us to say…

“Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”

See you in 2023!


Aisling, Sharon, Andrea, Lauren, Charlene, Sophie, Leah and Ellie


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