Upper School Ability Groups

Key Stage 2 Ability Groups

In Key Stage 2 we now have groups which take place each morning (Monday- Thursday). In these groups the children are taught Maths and English with peers of a similar ability. This has enabled us to really challenge all the children at their own individual level. We have already seen a rise in the progress the children have made since starting the groups in September and the children’s confidence with problem solving is coming on leaps and bounds! The children also have opportunities to develop friendships with children from other classes in Key Stage 2.

Key Stage 2 Groups-

Pansies Group- Connor Moffatt

Daisies Group- Julie Aspin

Poppies Group- Danielle Alty

Sunflowers Group- Alex Jardine

On the Groups pages will be a breakdown of what your child will be learning in Maths and English over the next half term. If you are unsure which group your child is in or would like any more information please contact school and ask to speak to Danielle.

Thank you,

Danielle Alty- Assistant Headteacher KS2


Welcome to Alex’s Group Sunflowers!

Spring Term 1

This Zoo Is Not For You!

In English, we will be reading ‘This Zoo Is Not For You’ by Ross Collins. The book is an interview process for a Platypus who wants to join a zoo. The children will be exploring different writing techniques as well as having their very own interview for class!

In Maths, we will begin with number and place value and then focus on mass/weight, counting money, 2D and 3D shapes and then finishing with multiplication and division.

We are super excited for our Sunflowers pass their Interview with flying colours!

Please come back and see all of our hard work!



Welcome to the Pansies page!

This term we will observe and look into the work of the original Eco Warriors -The Wombles! We will use our new found descriptive talents to help share the importance of looking after the environment. As part of this topic we will also hope to help tidy up our local area such as the Athletics track.

In Maths, we continue to develop our knowledge of number and place value with the help of Number Fun and our class favourite Jack Hartman! We will also be applying our understanding of Weight/Mass to compare and sort different objects around the classroom.

Please make sure to come back and look at our fantastic work!


Connor Moffatt

Pansies Group Teacher

Connor Moffatt

Pansies Group Teacher


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Welcome to Julie’s Group Daisies. Autumn Term 1 2022

In English we will be listening to stories and practising our phonics and writing skills in our groups

In Maths we will be working on individual Maths skills in our groups.

Please come back soon to check on our hard work and achievements.


All the children in Poppies group have been working so hard with their Maths and English.

In English the children studied biographies and auto-biographies.  We read ‘Pele’s’ auto-biography and picked out the key features to include in our own. The children planned who they would like to write about and we had a whole range of auto-biographies which they read to their friends.

In Maths we worked extremely hard with our knowledge on Fractions and made fraction walls to help us work out fractions of quantities. The children thrived and challenged their own learning when finding 3/8 of different quantities. They also worked on their multiplication and division skills.  The children enjoyed Kahoot quizzes to test their knowledge of the new things they had learnt.