Key Stage 2 Ability Groups

As Covid-19 cases remain high, children are currently staying in their classes for Maths and English. You can see some information and pictures from previous year’s ability groups and we will post more information about our ability groups in the future. 

Key Stage 2 Ability Groups

In Key Stage 2 we now have groups which take place each morning (Monday- Thursday). In these groups the children are taught Maths and English with peers of a similar ability. This has enabled us to really challenge all the children at their own individual level. We have already seen a rise in the progress the children have made since starting the groups in September and the children’s confidence with problem solving is coming on leaps and bounds! The children also have opportunities to develop friendships with children from other classes in Key Stage 2.

Key Stage 2 Groups-

Tulips Group- Alison Redmond

Pansies Group- Connor Moffatt

Daisies Group- Julie Aspin

Poppies Group- Danielle Alty

Sunflowers Group- Jack Duxbury

On the Groups pages will be a breakdown of what your child will be learning in Maths and English over the next half term. If you are unsure which group your child is in or would like any more information please contact school and ask to speak to Danielle.

Thank you,

Danielle Alty- Assistant Headteacher KS2


Our theme for this half term is A Rumble in the Rainforest.  A sensory story written by Alison.


We are listening to rainforest sounds in our lessons and have them as a background in our relaxation and massage sessions.


We are looking at animals that live in the rainforest, such as sloths, snakes, monkeys, butterflies and frogs.  Some of our children are beginning to choose the correct animal from a choice of two.  We have different thicknesses of ropes which emulate the vines in the rainforest.


We are feeling objects linked to our topic and wet and dry textures.


Our food exploration sessions are based around flavours of the rainforest, bananas, pineapple, coconut and spices.


We continue to work closely with our physio team and postural management and the physical wellbeing of our pupils is paramount.

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This term we have a very special topic which will require a particular set of skills, skills that can be acquired over a term, skills that are nightmare for thieves. These skills will ensure that we can solve mysteries as we delve down into detective and crime stories. We need to have our wits about us as there is rumoured to be a cat burglar roaming Holly Grove.
In Maths we will continue to build our knowledge of number. We are beginning to apply our understanding across the four operations of Maths. We will also develop our knowledge of time through ordering events in the day and looking at a digital and analogue clock.

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This term we are going to look at poems and non-fiction books all about volcanoes and the water cycle. We are also going to explore stories that have repetitive lines.
In Maths we will be recognising money and counting out coins. We are going to split objects into halves and recognising shapes.

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This term we are going to explore Forgotten Worlds. We will be researching Dinosaurs, what they ate, how and when they lived and the similarities and differences between Dinosaurs. We will then work together to create a non-chronological based on our findings.  We will also be looking at alliteration and creating a poem including our new skill.

In Maths we will be learning how to partition numbers confidently in order to help us with our addition and subtraction skills. We will also be working on explaining to a friend how we have worked out an answer.

We will take more photos soon to show you our hard work!

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In Maths we will be focussing on the following topics: Length and mass/weight, Addition and subtraction Fractions Position and direction and finally Time. We will also be regularly practising our times tables on ‘Times Tables Rockstars’


In English this half term we will continue with our phonics groups and we will also have weekly hand writing practice in our ‘Newsround session’. Our focuses in writing are the ‘nonsense’ poems/worlds of the famous poets Edward Lear and Spike Milligan, as we look to adapt and create our own funny rhymes/poems.

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