Laura’s Science Lessons

A very warm welcome to Laura’s Class! We have all settled in very well and everyone is enjoying lots of fun learning activities.

In our Science lessons, we have been learning about the three basic needs that living things need to survive – air, water and food.

For air, we have felt the air outside on a windy day and the air from a fan. We have used air from our lungs to play wind instruments and to blow bubbles, blow up balloons and blow out candles. Lots of oral motor activities!

For water, we have felt the rain on a rainy day and water from a spray bottles. We have used water to fill and empty containers during water play and we have used a foot spa to massage our tired feet.

For food, we have choosing our favourite foods using PECS. Whilst doing this, we have also been making progress towards our Communication targets.

Well done to all the children in Laura’s Class, you have done some fantastic work!