Celebration Assembly

On Monday we held a special assembly at Holly Grove to celebrate our pupils fantastic achievements. Well done to everyone who was nominated we are all very proud of you.

Swimming – St Peter’s Award – Nominees: Jason, Krisler, Argaudas, Ryleigh Winners: Jason & Ryleigh

Swimming – Water Confidence Award – Nominees: Theo, Caiden, Harley, Archie, Elize, Jason. Winners: Archie & Elize

Swimming – Hydrotherapy Award – Nominees: Reo, Blake, Jenson, Oliver Cr, Eva, Zachary, Shamaim, Ryan C. Winner: Oliver Cr

Lower School PE Award – Nominees: Charlie M, Sofia, Aadam, Minnie, Hussain. Winners: Sofia & Aadam

Upper School PE Award – Nominees: Ayaan, Argaudas, Jack, Lucas Me. Winners: Ayaan K & Argaudas

MOVE Award – Nominees: Rohaan, Julian, Isaiah, Freya, Anabaya, Lucas e, Shamaim. Winner: Freya

Sports Superstar Award – Nominees: Minnie, Dylan, Charlie M, Reuben, Oalki-Rose. Winner: Charlie M

Friehdship Award – Nominees: Oakli-Rose, Scott, Mason, Charlie, Aadam, Minnie, Fahd, Phinn, Oliver Co, Billy, Edward. Winner: Scott

Georgia Fourie Award – Nominees: Stanley, Raihan, Jenson, Haroon, Jayden, Lucas E, Rohaan, Henry, Shamaim. Winner: Rohaan

Super Star Award – Nominees: Fiaz, Nestee, Sophie, Stanley R, Reuben, Thomas, Hana, Kai, Billy. Winner: Billy

Smile for Stephen Award – Nominees: Jenson, Samuel, Riley L, David, Jayden, Scott, Fatima, Lucas E, Anabaya, Faizan. Winner: David

Special Achievement Award Foundation Stage: Nominations: Oliver Cr, Oliver Co, Freya. Winner: Oliver Combe

Special Achievement Award Lower School: Nominees: Scarlett, Ted, Leighton, Jacob, Roxana, Joshua, Sofia, Shayaan, Minnie. Winners: Joshua & Shayaan

Special Achievement Award Upper School: Nominees: Fatima, Leon, Ryan, Faizan, Thomas, Szymon, Aayan, Kai L, Rohaan, Reuben. Winners: Thomas & Szymon

Headteachers Award: Boy – Lucas WS

Headteachers award Girl – Nestee