Home Learning

Dear Parents/Carers,
We would like to start by saying a huge thank you to you all, for your support for the school over a challenging couple of days!
As some of the pupils are now working from home, we would like to let you know how we are going to support you with home learning for your child. Every Friday we will send you some fun activities to do with your child on the days that they are not in school. These will be linked to what they would have been learning in class.
We just ask you to do as many as activities as you can on those days and then send them back into school or we will be providing you with an app where you can take pictures of the work (with your phone or tablet) or share comments about what they have been doing.  Details of the SeeSaw app will be sent out next week.
We are also delighted to say that from Monday 11th January, our daily Facebook activity will be starting again, so please keep an eye out for PE sessions, stories read by staff and other activities that you can complete with your child! Every child in school, including those still in school, will also be allocated a weekly reading book
We know some children find it difficult to learn at home so please don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Your class teacher will be in touch this week for all home learners and will be happy to answer any questions or support you in any way.
Take care and stay safe
Karen Alty (Headteacher) & Eve Taylor (Deputy Headteacher)