Safer Internet Day 2020

Today was Safer Internet Day and at Holly Grove we are committed to the safe and responsible use of the internet. We spent the day learning all about e-safety and how we can keep ourselves safe at school and at home.

Classes discussed all the good and bad things about the internet, their digital footprint, Key Stage 1 read a story about ‘Buddy the Dogs Online Safety Adventure’ and Key Stage 2 worked together to make a quiz all about staying safe online.

At the end of the day, all the classes came together for a special assembly and took part in an online safety quiz. The children held up YES or NO symbols when asked a question about staying safe online.

Holly Grove School Online Safety Rules:

  • I will always ask the teacher before I use the Internet and I will be sensible whenever I use it.
  • I will only use websites my teacher has told me about. 
  • I will not give my name, address or telephone number to anyone on the Internet and I will tell my teacher if anyone asks me for my name, address or telephone number. 
  • I will never agree to meet anyone I have spoken to on the Internet. 
  • If a stranger talks to you online, be safe and tell an adult.
  • I will be kind online and respect other people.
  • I will always tell an adult I trust if I see anything that makes me feel scared, uncomfortable or confused.

If you would like any more information on how to keep your child safe on the internet please speak to your child’s class teacher or you can visit the following websites: