We are Reading

Holly Grove has committed to Lancashire’s ‘We are Reading’ initiative in 2018.

Reading is proven to support children’s learning across the curriculum and also improve social and communication skills. Early pre-reading skills are vital and include improving children’s vocabulary, learning new words/signs and symbols and developing their speaking and listening skills.

We plan on doing lots of things in school to encourage this and we are working with Barden Primary School on various activities including reading for pleasure. We also hope to strengthen ties with our local library.

It is important time is spent on learning to read practically decodable books (bug club – see below for information on the bug club) and also reading for pleasure. These are books they have chosen themselves or books being read to them by an adult.

To help your child we are asking you to read with them as often as possible, whether it be listening to your child read, reading a story to them, sharing a picture book or helping them complete the reading/English challenges we will be sending home. The first challenge will be sent home with your child this week and they have until Monday 4th June (after half term) to complete it. All pupils who complete the challenge will receive a certificate, sticker and small prize and will then be put into a draw for a grand prize! There will also be prizes for parents and carers too!

‘We are Reading’ pledge:

Holly Grove School will:

  • Becoming a reading school.
  • Seeking out every opportunity to improve standards in reading within our school.
  • Encouraging reading for pleasure.
  • Enabling children to read in depth in a wide range of subjects, deepening their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum.
  • Working with other schools, our local library and other partners to promote reading as a life-long skill.

Keep an eye out for the weekly newsletter as from next week we will be adding a word / sign and symbol of the week for you to learn with your child.

Click below to download Holly Grove’s Pledge in PDF format.


The Pledge 204.33 KB 4 downloads


Bug Club

We as a school believe in the importance in learning to read and write but most importantly, developing and fostering a love of books.

All classes have daily shared and guided reading sessions and a reading corner where pupils are encouraged to develop their own interests and choose books for pleasure.

All pupils take part in daily Phonics lessons following the Government’s ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme and when ready, children are taught to read using phonically decodable books through the ‘Bug Club’ reading scheme. Pupils are able to read these books both in school and at home by taking copies of the books home or by accessing them electronically on a computer, laptop or tablet using their individual password. Workshops will be provided for parents wishing to support their children with this.