Nursery / Reception

Hello and welcome to class Nursery/Reception

A huge warm welcome to all of our new pupils that have started Holly Grove School. For many of the new pupils, they have only just started school and at the very beginning of their Holly Grove Journey. We welcome them to the Holly Grove Family.

This term our topic is very fitting as we are all getting to know each other. The topic is ‘All about Me’ where we are making relationships and learning what we like and do not like. The reception pupils have settled in so well and are beginning to establish their routines. During our school day we have breakfast club, sensory processing groups, phonics and number groups, communication sessions, outdoor provision, water confidence sessions and rebound. As you can see we do not stop and our pupils go home very tired.

All pupils will have a designated key worker that are responsible for writing in home school dairies, Learning Journeys, observations and EYFS assessments.

This year in nursery/reception we have 20 pupils and lots of experienced and established staff to support their development. They all are individuals with huge personalities. We are looking forward to watching each and every pupil grow and develop.


Pictures of what we have been doing in our first term to follow……………………….

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