Julie’s Class

 Spring Term 1 – Where Does It Come From?

In Science we will be learning about the different materials and their properties. We will be bending, squashing, ripping and wetting materials to see if they are waterproof, soft, hard, stretchy, bendy etc. We will be recording our findings on observation sheets through observational drawings.

In Geography we will be looking at what happens during the Water cycle and why it rains. We will be exploring what is the difference between an ocean and the sea

In English we will be listening to the story “The Wizard of Oz” and exploring the different characters in the story. We will also be looking at the different feelings of the characters during events in the story. We will be acting out the different characters in the story so ask us who is in the story and what they do.

In Maths we are going to work on our recognition of different coins and counting out different amounts using 1p coins. Some of us will be working with 2p coins and practicing counting in 2’s when counting out money. We are also going to look at volume and working out when containers are full or empty and how to measure the volume in different containers.

In PE we are working with a dance instructor to complete different street dances and learning to follow instructions.

In PSHE we are going to learn how to stay safe in our homes, in places we might visit such as the shopping centre or swimming pool and what we can do in an emergency such as phone 999 and what to say to the emergency services when we need help.

We are going to be having lots of fun exploring in all our lessons this term!

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