Danielle’s Class

Hello Everyone,

It has been a fantastic start to the year so far, seeing how much the children are progressing, forming strong friendships, growing in confidence and not letting the difficult restrictions affect our learning and fun!

During the second part of this Autumn term, we are focusing on `Money, Money, Money` and then we are moving onto ‘Special Celebrations’ all around the world for the end of the term. We have already been working very hard this term in all subjects, learning all about Tudors in History, Hinduism in R.E, electricity in Science and coding in ICT to create a short video.

In Danielle’s class we like to keep busy! We have also been really focusing on our fine motor skills and handwriting this term. It has been great to see how hard the children have been working and this is reflecting within the work they are producing! The children are very proud to show off their work in Danielle’s class and this is lovely too see!

Please come back and look at what else we have been having fun learning about soon!


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