Danielle’s Class

We are very lucky in Danielle’s Class as we have a brand new classroom! We have been working hard on coping with change and managing our own emotions. We have been using the sensory processing area in class to regulate so that we are ready to learn! This has been great fun we have settled well into new routines.

In English this half term we are writing our own shape poems based on emotions and feelings. We will be reading ‘The Worry Monster’ and looking at how our body language can show how we are feeling. We will work on situations and activities that can change our mood and how talking about emotions can help us.

In Maths we will be working on place value and understanding numbers and what they represent. We will then be applying our knowledge to measurements including weight and length.

In Science we will be conducting experiments about our body. The first part of the term we will be looking at our teeth and their functions and complete an experiment including how different drinks can affect our dental hygiene. The second part of the half term we will look at the digestive system and what happens when we swallow food.

Please come back soon to look at photographs of all our hard work!

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