Connor’s Class

Autumn Term 1

Welcome to Connor’s Class!

Our Autumn Term has begun and it feels so good! In the first few weeks we will ensure that everyone eases back in to the new routine. We are finally getting some sort of normality slowly, safely but surely! In this first term we are going to be learning about our bodies and what we need to stay healthy. We are hoping to inspire our children to eat healthier and to take regular exercise! We will learn all about the human body, including the skeletal and muscular system.

In English we will compare two brilliant British authors, Michael Rosen and Jill Murphy. The Wolfman is my personal favourite! We will also focus on grammar and punctuation with a little Kung fu inspiration! In Geography we will explore the UK and meet some interesting characters who can give a tour of our most famous landmarks and cities.

Please come back to see our pictures!

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