Connor’s Class

Spring Term 1

Welcome back and a Happy New Year!

Unfortunately COVID is still playing a huge part in 2022. We are ensuring to find a good balance of finding normality of school whilst supporting the emotional wellbeing of our amazing, resilient children.

We have a very exciting and important topic during the Spring term as we turn into Eco Warriors. In Science we will investigate materials and their properties. Our class will turn into a Recycling facility in order to help our environment. This topic will help us to develop innovative strategies in order to help the environment. In English we will turn our attention towards writing in different formats such as guides, maps and interview questions. One of our stories has a lovely title- Poo in the zoo!

I am particularly excited about our PE topic of Striking and Fielding, we will begin to explore a range of sports such as Baseball and my personal favourite golf…look out Tiger!