Communication Team

The Communication Team at Holly Grove consists of  Jo Heyward and Sarah Dalikeni the Speech and Language Therapists and Angie Henney the Communication Leader.

As a team we aim to support classes in meeting the communication needs of each child.

Angie Henney has a full time role as Communication Leader. Her role is wide and varied but mostly concentrates on helping children with the Picture Exchange Communication System. She also oversees the school’s ‘total communication’ ethos, developing a consistent approach across the school, using symbols, objects of reference, Makaton signing and communication aids. She works closely with the Speech and Language Therapists in identifying the needs of the children.

The Speech and Language Therapists attend Holly Grove once a week. They offer support and advice to children and parents in all areas of Speech and Language development, including feeding.

If you want any advice, support or guidance regarding your child’s speech and language development please do not hesitate to contact school and speak to Angie on 01282 682278 or contact St. Peter’s Centre for Jo and Sarah on 01282 628359.

There will be a communication clinic held at Holly Grove the first Thursday after every half term from 1.30pm. Please call school on 01282 682278 to book your slot.