Class 8


Welcome to the Class 8 page.

This summer term we are delighted to have another student and a new member of staff, welcome Max and Cath. We now have 10 students and 5 staff in class 8.

This term we will begin our learning journey with a new topic ‘Island Paradise. We will be studying Peter Pan and continuing to develop our understanding and skills in writing our own narratives.

In geography we will learn where continents and various countries are located around the world, how this impacts their weather and the plants and animals which live there.

In science we will learn more about living things and their life cycles. We will describe and compare features of plants and animals, and begin to understand simple food chains or webs.

In maths we continue practicing to tell the time, number bonds, place value and making groups. We will learn to make measurements in a variety of ways and record what we measure. We will also continue learning to collect data in various ways and make simple graphs.

In computing we will search online for information for our topic reports and take a look at simple coding and debugging.

We have a very busy term ahead


Tracey, Joanne, Kate, Leah and Cath

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