Class 8


Welcome to the Class 8 page.

This half term we began to follow Charles Darwin’s journey on HMS Beagle, discovering new plants and animals as he travelled the world. We are studying Madagascar as we continue to develop our understanding and skills in writing our own narratives. We have also been practicing writing simple poems.

In science we are learning about living things, life cycles and food chains. We are growing plants from seeds and recording their growth in charts, we are also learning to label diagrams.

In maths we are making measurements in a variety of ways and recording what we measure. We are practicing naming and describing shapes as we learn about sharing, groups and simple fractions.

In computing we are using power point to create simple books and continuing our practice of simple coding and debugging.

We are enjoying our last few weeks together as class 8 as we learn to work together as teams, play by the rules and be good sports


Tracey, Joanne, Kate, Leah and Cath

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