Class 8

Spring Term 1

Welcome back!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break.

The focus of this half-term is Eco Warriors. We will be focussing on different ways to help save the environment, both locally and globally.

In Geography we are exploring Asia’s Biomes and its extreme weather patterns, including natural disasters.  In history we are going back to the time of the Vikings, as we learn about their ferocious battles and treacherous travels by Longship. We will also be looking at how Vikings kept themselves entertained (when they were not fighting!). We also have a Viking performance group coming into school and performing for us. In science we are looking at the properties and suitability of materials. We will also be looking at recyclable and non-recyclable materials. In PSHE we will talk about what makes a good community and what we can do to help our own local community e.g. recycling, donating to food banks & helping less fortunate people.

We would really love to see you promoting recycling and saving the environment at home!


Jack & the Class 8 Team.

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