Class 8

Hello and welcome to the Class 8 page

In September we began learning about our new classmates, how to work and play together as well as how to keep our bodies active, health and safe. This learning continues as new students join our class. We had numerous trips out into the community to learn about our local environment, the changing seasons and how to cross the road safely. We also had a visit from Zoo lab who taught us about the rainforest habitat.

In the first half of term, some students were involved in drama groups with a drama teacher from Burnley Youth Theatre; others will have an opportunity to join in this half term.

We are now learning about where rainforests are located around the world and the plants and animals they contain. We are learning to locate the UK, India and Africa on maps and on globes, and about different habitats, such as the rainforest, the African savannah and the dessert.

We are studying The Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling and exploring what it takes to write a good narrative story. We are learning how to write simple poems through our study of Rumble in the Jungle.

We continue to learn to tell the time, repeat patterns and describe shapes. We are learning to count in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s, record and analyse data, read simple graphs.

Finally, we have begun practicing for the Holly Grove Christmas production and are looking forward to showing off our talents to you when it is time to perform.


Tracey, Clare and Joanne


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