Class 7

Summer Term 2

Welcome back to Class 7!

We are looking forward to a busy half term in Class 7 as our Year 6 pupils prepare to move to high school. Last term began with a brilliant Year 6 trip to Bendrigg Lodge where we climbed, abseiled, canoed, went on a zip wire and had lots of FUN!!!  In class, we discovered an island paradise and explored the contrasting islands of Coll and St Lucia.  Some of children explored objects that you would find on a beach and made a tropical fruit smoothie! Our other children learnt about map reading and explored an Ordnance Survey map.  In Science we continued our work on animals and plants and learnt all about dinosaurs!

This term as well as our work on transition, we are learning about local history and visiting some local halls and castles. We have also planned an exciting trip to Blackpool Zoo, a Leavers Celebration and some Year 6 visits to Ridgewood Community High School to meet our new teachers!

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