Class 7

Happy New Year to you all!

We hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas break and our children have enjoyed family time with you. We are looking forward to a fabulous Spring Term when Class 7 will be learning how to be Eco Warriors as we learn about pollution and its effects on our planet.  In class we will be trying to preserve energy by turning off lights when they are not needed and making sure the water taps are turned off.  Water and where it comes from features in our geography topic this term as we investigate rivers and in particular the River Amazon. We will look at efforts that are in place to save the rainforest and learn about the animals that make the rainforest their home.  Our English, this term take us into the fantasy world of CS Lewis and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, our sensory story will be the Winter Bear and our children will be exploring our sensory garden to look for seed heads, sticks and dried grasses to create a winter hedgerow.

Finally, I would like to thank the parents and friends who supported our Advent Fair in December, we raised nearly £200 which will be spent on new toys for each of our classes.

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