Class 7

Autumn Term 1

Hello and welcome to the Class 7 page!

We are welcoming Autumn by thinking about how to keep healthy! Our Creative Curriculum topic is Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds. We are going to be learning about healthy eating and will be sending a food diary home soon to keep you involved.  If anyone needs any ideas for healthy recipes please get in touch! We will read Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain and will be comparing what it is like living in Kenya to living in Burnley. Our curriculum visits will be to local landmarks such as the Singing Ringing Tree and Towneley Park and Wycoller to look at things to do near to where we live.  If you have any good ideas please let us know! In art we are learning about portraits and some of our children will be researching one particular artist who painted portraits. Please feel free to keep looking at this page as I will be adding photographs throughout the term!

Thanks Alison


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