Class 7

Hello and

Class 7 had a really busy half term up to October and did lots of amazing work! We were so proud of Luke and Alfie who achieved a special Class 7 Holly Grove half term award for finishing more than five levels of Lexia since September! We learned a lot about healthy eating and the children are trying to choose healthy options for snack and lunches! I hope they are trying at home too!

Thank you to all the parents who came to their child’s review meeting and Parents Evening this term! It was a busy time for me but I hope you are all pleased with their progress!

The next few weeks up to Christmas are going to be busy, busy, busy! As we prepare for Christmas, we are joining together with Class 6 to complete a mini-enterprise topic by making things to sell at our Advent Fair on December 6th! I hope you can come along, have a cup of tea and meet with other parents while spending some cash to support our class!

Thanks Alison



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