Class 5

Autumn Term 1

Welcome to all the new children and staff in Class 5. Everyone has quickly settled in well to the new routine. This half term our creative curriculum theme is ‘Ourselves’ and then we will be studying around the topic ‘Money, Money, Money.’

We are investigating ourselves and each other. We are focussing on keeping healthy and exploring how our bodies work and grow. We ensure that we exercise regularly during the school day and this helps us stay healthy and ready to focus on our learning activities.

We will be sharing some new stories in English developing our listening skills and recalling detail from the texts. ‘Frog is Frog’ by Max Velthuijs is one of our focus stories and encourages the children to recognise their talents. In Mathematics we will be developing number skills and solving problems and investigating the different attributes of 3D shapes.

We are zooming in to the detail of ourselves and flowers in art via microscopes, iPads and magnifying glasses. We will try to capture the detail we see in our drawings. In DT we will be making a selection of healthy snacks, developing our chopping and slicing skills and learning how to use various tools safely.

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