Class 5

Summer Term 2

We arrive back from our ‘Paradise Island’ escape during Summer Term 1 feeling nice and relaxed. During our stay we were able to experience lots of exciting things along the way…

In English we explored the stressful pirate culture and decided to plan a holiday for the newlywed pirates Redbeard and Pegleg. In maths we designed buildings that helped us explore and understand the attributes 2D and 3D shapes.

Modroc kept us busy in art as we created a variety of colourful 3D models. In Science some very precise predications were made about magnetism and forces and in DT we created some delicious, healthy pizzas. To finish the term we threw our own holiday themed party, lots of dancing and lots of relaxing!

Summer Term 2’s theme is ‘Read All About It’ and the focus is based upon the comics of Stan Lee, the creator of: Spiderman, The Avengers and Captain America, we will be reading comics and creating or own which will allow us to understand how to create effect and suspense in writing and sound support.

In Maths we are looking at fractions and sharing and in Science we will be observing the life cycle of some flowering summer plants. Folk music is our focus in music, in which will be exploring its origins and the instruments used.

In History we will be looking back at schools and jobs in the Tudor times and in Art we are making our own Jewellery! The recent sunny weather has inspired us to design and create or own healthy picnics for DT.

Class 5 will be working very hard up to the summer holidays with lots of fun activities!

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