Class 4

Hello and welcome back,

I hope everybody had a well-deserved, relaxing summer break!

During the first part of this half-term we are learning all about ‘ourselves’, this will mean looking at healthy choices and how we look after our bodies. We are focussing on our teeth in science and will be looking at different teeth and how we can keep them healthy. As part of this we will be brushing our teeth every morning to see how sparkly we can make them.

In English we are looking at diaries, we have had lots of laughs already reading The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig. We will be looking at how to write diary entries that are exciting for our friends to read.

We have already had lots of fun with PSHE during Lizzy’s lessons. We have all helped to create our own set of class rules and learnt about our rights as children. This meant Lizzy made us aware of what life for a child was like years ago, we watched a clip of Oliver in the orphanage eating gruel. Lizzy made us our own gruel to try, it was disgusting!! But we all had great fun watching everybody’s faces!

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