Class 4

Well the last half term flew!

We hope you all had lots of fun in the snow!

We had lots of fun learning all about Dinosaurs. We learnt about their diets, how long ago they lived and the children were fantastic at remembering their names. Some of them are super long! We enjoyed learning about the water cycle and David gave a fantastic explanation to the rest of the class.

In music we have been learning about call and response and following a steady beat. Maleeha is amazing at counting in beats of 4 using her hands and different instruments!

We all enjoyed learning about old and new trains and will be taking a trip on a steam train on Thursday! We are very excited!

This half term we will be learning about ‘Life on the Ocean Waves’. Researching about Pirates from the past and beginning to identify whether the Pirates we know are fictional or real. We will be writing an historical recount from our favourite Pirate. In DT we will be solving the problem of getting from one island to another by building our own boats.

Please come back soon to see the photos from our Train Ride!

Danielle xx

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