Class 4

Summer Term 2

I hope you all had a great half term,

We had great fun last half term learning about ‘Life on the Ocean Waves’. We learnt about different pirates but looked at Blackbeard in particular. We wrote historical recounts of his time as a pirate and the boys in class loved learning about him chopping off fingers and stealing booty from his own crew!

We took a trip to Salmesbury Hall to check out their pirate ship and had a fantastic day. All the children were superstars and loved climbing aboard and walking the plank dressed as pirates. Every child in class behaved exceptionally well all Class 4 staff are very proud of them!

In history we learnt about the Ancient Egyptians, the structures they built, where they lived and famous Pharaohs.

This half term our topic is ‘Read All About It’. We will be focussing on Francesca Simon who wrote the Horrid Henry books. This will help us to build our alliteration skills, using adjectives to describe characters and writing alternative endings to stories.

In Geography we are learning all about Great Britain. The countries that make up Great Britain, the capital cities and learning whether some of our landmarks are natural or man-made!

Bye for now

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