Class 4

Autumn Term 2

What a busy half term we have had!

Our Key Stage 2 groups have continued to be a success and all children are happy and making fantastic progress! In Poppies group we have been writing diary entries including using time connectors and verbs. The children loved sharing what they have been doing and were very proud of themselves when they completed their independent writing.

In Maths we have done lots of work on place value, addition and subtraction. The children have flown through this and have even started adding two digit numbers using the column addition method!

In Class 4 the children loved learning about Henry VII and acting out his life story! The children were able to make some connections between his life and the current times.

We are now busy practising for our Christmas Production with lots of new songs and lines to learn. You are all in for a treat on performance day!

I hope you all have a great run up to the Christmas break!

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