Class 4

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break,

Please take a look at our hard work over the last half term! We learnt all about The Christmas Story, practiced our fantastic Christmas Production and worked hard learning how to write letters and invitations.

We would like to welcome our newest member of Class 4 Thomas who has joined us from Class 8. We would also like to welcome Beth our Student Teacher who will be with us up until the Easter holidays J

This half term we will be learning lots of new things. In English we will be working on Myths and Legends starting with King Midas and the Golden Touch. We will also be developing our dictionary skills and learning how they can help us with words we struggle to spell.

In Geography we will be looking at weather around the world. This will help us decide which weather we like best and where we would like to go on holiday and when.

Bye for now

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