Class 3

Happy New Year from Class 3!

During the last half term we had lots of fun learning about ‘Wonderful Woodlands’ and all things that live there and then moved onto  our topic of  ‘Special Celebrations’. We looked at celebrations such as Halloween, Bonfire Night, Eid, Diwali and why people celebrate during these celebrations.

In Spring Term 1 we are going to be going on an ‘Adventure with Barnaby Bear’ and learning about all the places that he has visited such as London, Dublin, Paris and even Mexico, we will be making and tasting food from these places and even looking at the different styles of music and dances.

We are ready and raring to go in 2019 and are excited to see where our adventures will take us!

We hope you enjoy the photos of our year so far and please keep checking back for more photographs of us and our hard work in class 3!

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