Class 3

Hello again!

Samantha is the teacher and Joanne, Trish, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Kimberley and Charlene are our wonderful teaching assistants.

Last half term we went on an adventure with Barnaby Bear and we learnt all about London, Dublin, Mexico and Paris. We made lots of different types of food and enjoyed tasting them! We also became part of the River dance ensemble dancing and playing musical instruments in that style! In science we enjoyed learning about rocks and fossils and we were amazing when recreating how a fossil is made!

This half term we are looking at where things come from. We are especially looking at butterflies and learning about the life cycle of the butterfly. We will also be looking at how plants grow and what they need. We will also be learning all about Easter and who celebrates during this time and how they celebrate.

We will be reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ in English and looking at lots of non-fiction information books on the life cycle of butterflies and how plants grow.

We are also looking forward to getting out and about in the nice spring weather!

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