Class 2

Summer Term 2

Hello again. We hope that you have all had a great half term and are ready for the last leg of this academic year!

This half term, Class 2’s topic is called ‘Disney’: We will be reading and writing about a range of fairy-tale stories such as ‘Cinderella’, ‘Snow White’, ‘Pinocchio’ and ‘Peter Pan’ and then we will be comparing the texts to the Disney films to see which we prefer. For History, we are also going to look at the very first black and white Disney films that feature Micky Mouse and see how these films have developed over the years. We will also do some research about the man himself, Walter Elias Disney! For ART and DT, we will be having lots of fun learning about different Disney characters and finding out which story they belong to. This will lead us up to the big holidays and a well-deserved rest!

We hope you all have a fantastic summer!

Laura and Class 2 Staff

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