Class 1

Summer Term 1 2018

Hello! We hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday.

In this first half term our topic is ‘People who help us.’ We will look at the people in our lives who help us and the different roles they have. We will be visiting lots of different places where we might find them, like the hospital and the police station. Some of these ‘people who help us’ may also be coming to visit us in class to tell us all about what they do.

In the second half term, our topic will be ‘The Seaside’. We will be planning a trip during this term…hopefully the weather will be nice!

Thank you for all your continued support,


Rebecca and Class 1 team

  • Sulayman swimming
  • Scott
  • Sairah
  • Sairah outdoor play
  • Lucas
  • Lucas D
  • Leon
  • leon and marcus
  • Kyle
  • Kyle with rabbits
  • Ihsaan
  • Ihsaan halloween
  • Fatima
  • Fatima (only website not charity or facebook)
  • Argaudas