Art Gallery

Welcome to our new online Art Gallery!

We have decided to launch the gallery this week as it is Artsmark Celebration Week and Holly Grove School is proud to announce we have begun our journey to gaining our Artsmark.  Over the next two years we will be encouraging our pupils and staff to have a go at trying new arts, crafts, music and drama – and when the pandemic is under control I will hopefully invite our parents to have a go! Our online gallery is the first step in showing the world what fantastic visual arts our pupils can achieve! Please show your appreciation of Holly Grove School’s Creative Arts!


Alison Redmond Creative Arts Leader

Alison’s Class

In our class this term we have the art topic of luminous art and all things magical. This has meant we have been using the Sensory Studio for our art sessions and lots of fluorescent and glow in the dark activities! This has been great for our sensory learners who have been able to really focus on the colours under the Ultra Violet lights. Before we finish for the Christmas holidays we will be squishing and squashing Come back soon to see some more of our art!

  • IMG_E8784
  • IMG_E8783
  • IMG_E8782
  • IMG_E8781
  • IMG_E8780
  • IMG_E8779
  • IMG_E8778
  • IMG_E8777
  • IMG_E8776
  • IMG_8784

Rebecca’s Class

In Class 3 we have been creating self portraits on the touch screen computer. We had lots of fun doing this. We have also been practising our fine motor skills by colouring, painting, gluing and cutting. For Remembrance Day we created a Poppy Wreath using our handprints.

  • IMG_E5148
  • IMG_5150
  • IMG_5149
  • IMG_5148
  • IMG_5147
  • IMG_5145
  • IMG_5144
  • IMG_5141

Laura’s Class

For the first few weeks in Laura’s Class, we did lots of printing and collages – handprints, fingerprints, self-portraits and decorating gingerbread people. Then we made gingerbread sculptures using homemade ginger playdoh, which smelt lovely. Next, we will be making woodland animal / feature puppets to act out food chains in Science.

  • IMG_8827
  • IMG_8826
  • IMG_8825
  • IMG_8824
  • IMG_8823
  • IMG_8822
  • IMG_8821
  • IMG_8820
  • IMG_8819
  • IMG_8818
  • IMG_8817
  • IMG_8549
  • IMG_8548
  • IMG_8547
  • IMG_8546

Jack’s Class

In Jack’s class we have been creating self-portraits.  We took photos of ourselves using the IPad then used these to create our own drawing. After we had completed the drawing of the self-portraits we used pencil crayons to colour them in.

  • IMG_6397
  • IMG_6396
  • IMG_6394
  • IMG_6392
  • IMG_6391
  • IMG_6390
  • IMG_6389
  • IMG_6388