Key Stage 2 Ability Groups

Key Stage 2 Ability Groups

In Key Stage 2 we now have groups which take place each morning (Monday- Thursday). In these groups the children are taught Maths and English with peers of a similar ability. This has enabled us to really challenge all the children at their own individual level. We have already seen a rise in the progress the children have made since starting the groups in September and the children’s confidence with problem solving is coming on leaps and bounds! The children also have opportunities to develop friendships with children from other classes in Key Stage 2.

Key Stage 2 Groups-

Tulips Group- Alison Redmond

Pansies Group- Connor Moffatt

Daisies Group- Carol Corrigan

Poppies Group- Danielle Alty

Sunflowers Group- Jack Duxbury

On the Groups pages will be a breakdown of what your child will be learning in Maths and English over the next half term. If you are unsure which group your child is in or would like any more information please contact school and ask to speak to Danielle.

Thank you,

Danielle Alty- Assistant Headteacher KS2


This term we have been on a safari to the African plains listening to the sounds of animals and smelling the spices that are grown there. Using switches to create warm winds and anticipating the wet rain on our faces.   In our Sensory Studio we have been using switches to turn on the bubble machine and learn about the different colours and choose our favourite.

One of our favourite activities this term has been musical Intensive Interaction and I will be sharing a short video soon and inviting parents in to see our wonderful interactions.

We have begun our new sensory learners assessment this term and when you attend your child’s review I shall update you with what we are doing.

Christmas is now underway in Tulip Group and our activities are all sparkly and shimmery!  We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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This term we plan to unleash our innovative ideas through our theme Mini enterprise. In English we will gain an insight into biographies, creating our own as well as looking at amazing inventors such as Sir James Dyson. Did you know that it took 5000 attempts to get it right?

In Maths we will turn our focus to Shape, space and Measure as we develop our understanding and knowledge of money and 2-D shapes. Please encourage your children to take a lead on a shopping trip and pay for items.

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