Family Art Therapy at Holly Grove

Over the past few months Fatema and Chelsea have been running Family Art Therapy Courses at Holly Grove. The idea of this is to promote a love of learning between parents and children, making it a positive experience and bringing families together through a love of art.  Art Therapy helps with both parent and child well being and makes them aware of other ways they can communicate their feelings towards each other. Art therapy can help in a variety of ways including, developing self awareness, exploring emotions, addressing unresolved emotional conflict, improving social skills and raising self esteem.

These courses have proved to be highly successful and both parents and children have found them so rewarding. Below are some quotes we have received from parents about the courses.

“Fantastic, really enjoyed having one to one time with my son”

“Was lovely spending time with my son that is positive.”

“Very different to anything that I have done. Great fun. Great group of people. Many thanks.”

“I have enjoyed being part of the group and sharing my feelings and thoughts in a safe and secure environment with other parents.”